10 Things To Do After Setting Up Raspberry Pi

You have bought your Raspberry Pi, completed the setup and you are wondering what to do now. Here are 10 things to do after setting up your Pi. Setting up remote connection and SSH The first thing you have to do is to access your Raspberry Pi from your laptop/desktop. SSH Connecting to Raspberry Pi

27 Feb 2014

Registration on IndieDB

Today, I started off the non-coding activities of game development. Solor was registered in IndieDB as an ‘Abstract Arcade’ game under the development group Axatrikx Games. The process involved getting a logo, a banner, a few screenshots and a description. The last one was the difficult part, as I hadn’t actually confirmed on the environment

03 Nov 2013

Icon image for Solor Game

Apart from some level modifications and some player movement, i spend some time in Inkscape for creating a simple icon image for the game. I wanted the image to have a few basic shapes and colors and to have the letter ‘S’ embedded somewhere in the image. Created the below image as the first version.

28 Oct 2013

Being a wolf and keep the motivation going

Its that time of the year again, to set up new resolutions and forget about it as the year grows old. I need to set one for the rest of my life: Concentrate on your task! I plan to do these by the end of this year Complete my first game [more about this on

01 Jan 2013

Fix eclipse interface in Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu for the first time and trying out Eclipse, I was literally disappointed at seeing the state Eclipse was in. The enormous tab size, the fonts and tooltip colors turned me off. Though the fix to this was found right away, I just need to post it online so that I don’t need

23 May 2012

Ubuntu dependency issues with pygame

The most frustrating thing about using Linux is dependencies. Its just fine if you don’t do much in your system – just installing all the sweet updates and upgrades coming your way won’t give you much trouble. But in case have to try out something which happens to have a mangled dependency tree. Small Note: It might

13 Feb 2012

Chance to meet Richard Stallman

That day morning too, as usual, I switched off the mobile alarm and started the TOI mobile app. Scanning through the headlines through my half open eyes, I reached the Tech section. I got up suddenly seeing a post on Richard Stallman. He was visiting Chennai(India) that day giving a seminar in the IIT Madras.

10 Feb 2012

Problem with Prioritizing

You are studying a wonderful new technology. And half way through you read/hear about another new and exciting field. You are not that ignorant to turn a blind eye on this emerging piece of technology, but how would you start? You are already learning some other thing, and have too little time to be on

30 Jan 2012

First try at github

On last Saturday(7th Jan) I created a github account with the username axatrikx. I always wanted to host my projects somewhere but never really did anything. Once I even went to the extend of creating a project in my  launchpad account, and started to work on a small project. But a few days within, I

09 Jan 2012

Adding CSS3 into resolution list

I accidentally stumbled into this awesome website Just going through the website made me add CSS3 to high priority list for new technologies to learn this year. Also read somewhere that there is a high demand of web designers who can code. Taking the above mentioned site as an inspiration, I started with CSS3

04 Jan 2012
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